HT-SQI fixed table
Device introduction

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First, the equipment is composed
Composed of fixed platform hosts, microphones, antennas, and feeders. Features such as call signaling issued by call, receive, and identify the tuber personnel.

Second, technical requirements

General requirements
1. Configure the station to configure the station for the MOTOLORA walkie-talkie.
2. The operating frequency range is in line with the relevant provisions of the Radio Department Radio Management Institution.
3, modulation method and channel interval: TDMA technology is used to meet the digital DMR standard. The modulation mode is 4-fsk, and the frequency interval between adjacent channels is 12.5 kHz.
4, work mode: same frequency single work.
5, with a call, receive function.
6. The call signaling that can be identified by the tuber personnel is identified, and the hints of the tubular set hand holder will be prompted.
7, the fixed station can receive the credit intensity, strong anti-interference ability, digital / words, with packet communication function
8, can be rolled continuously for 27 hours.

Power supply requirements
1, use AC220V ± 20%, 50 Hz power supply.
2. When the power supply is at a minimum operating voltage or a maximum operating voltage, the performance of the fixed station does not exceed the following specified limits:
a) Transmitter carrier output power change is not more than 3dB of real measured value;
b) The receiver reference sensitivity is not more than 6dB derived than the real measured value;
c) The carrier frequency stability does not exceed the specified allowable value;
d) Receiving audio output distortion does not exceed the specified allowable value

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